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Contact Phone Numbers

Our customers{CR}(that's you)

We'd like to think we react to our customers' feelings (the good, the bad, the ugly) with haste and absolute sincerity.

Do call or email, we have a brilliant team standing by. Alternatively, our CEO Clive Schlee hasn't got much to do; hassle him*! If you’re a Pret customer, you have the right to be heard and listened to; go to the Customer Services section to do just that.

We commission the Bond Street jewellers, Tiffany & Co, to make solid silver stars for us. Whenever a customer calls or writes to congratulate a member of our staff for being helpful, professional or simply great, off goes a Tiffany Star to the staff member. We are thrilled to have awarded hundreds and hundreds over the years. Thank you to every customer who has commented and written in.

Clive says please don't try and sell him stuff or ask him to advise you how to set up a sandwich shop (a lot of people have).