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Good Natural Food

Good natural food

Using natural ingredients and avoiding preservatives and obscure chemicals is sacred to Pret. Our sandwiches are freshly made throughout the day in each and every Pret kitchen. This fact is (partly) what makes Pret special. We make them, we sell them! We definitely don't buy from a big sandwich factory. People in the food business trust Pret. We've spent years earning their respect. This is vital to our ongoing success.

Our partners drop off the very best ingredients to our shops everyday. We don’t mind that good, natural food goes off quickly. We don't keep our sandwiches, baguettes and wraps overnight.

Pret's food team meet every Wednesday afternoon to discuss our food and everything our customers have suggested. They spend hours agonising over recipes. We launch up to 20 new ideas each month. Some are classic, some a bit weird and wacky.

As well as being fanatical about taste, the food team ensure our sandwiches and salads are free from the endless additives that plague modern food. This task is much harder than it sounds. Pret’s suppliers have to go to great lengths to meet our fanatically high standards. Our wasabi mustard is brown (not fluorescent green), our ham is pale (not bright pink) and our dried apricots are brownish (not orange). The list is endless but important.

Do you have a friend or neighbour who makes delicious natural food? Anything from jam to sausages. Please let us know or get them to call us. We are always looking for delicious, 'out of the ordinary' ingredients.

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