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Good jobs for good people at Pret

Good jobs for good people

Pret is made up of small groups of ten shops (we call this a 'Pret Estate') led by imaginative (and passionate) leaders (Ops). All our shops have trainers within their core staff. We run many courses at our hectic Training Academy in Victoria (most of which have nothing to do with sandwich making).

We have a strong tradition of developing our people: Collins Obamwanyi, a General Manager in one of our largest shops, began working with us as a Team Member in our very first shop over 20 years ago; Head of Delivery Jo Selin joined us as a Team Member in 1995. Currently, 75% of our managers began their Pret careers as Team Members.

Our training programmes seem to work. We will continue to invest heavily in our employees’ development. We don’t sit on our backsides talking about staff ‘training and development’. We actually get on and do it. We employ many different nationalities, and value the cosmopolitan feel this gives the company.

Twice a year, we throw a massive party. Some have passed into Pret legend. Everyone at Pret is invited.

We have an in-house ‘ideas department’. Online idea submissions and prizes are reviewed each month. There are thousands of bright ideas that could help Pret be a better, kinder, easier place to work and shop.

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