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Pret's Appetite

Pret's iPhone app is full of handy ways to keep Pret at your fingertips while you're out and about.

Full of good, natural content

1 It can tell you where your closest Pret is (wherever you are in the world), even if you don’t have a phone signal or internet connection – just type in your nearest train station and it will show you all of the shops in the area.
2 You can find out which of our ‘main course’ style soups are available for the day and what will be on the menu for the rest of the week.
3 We’ve also managed to squeeze in Pret’s full menu which means you can look through all of our freshly prepared sandwiches, salads, baguettes and wraps. You can even filter your search by ingredients in case there’s something that you don’t fancy or something that you really do.
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