Summer Menu

Freshly prepared recipes perfect for Summer

Selected Items:

Aloha Shrimp Salad

A vibrant and tropical salad. Shrimp, organic coconut slices, diced mango, zucchini, jicama, pickled veggies and carrots atop a bed of spinach. Best enjoyed with Pret’s Coconut Greens dressing.

Coconut Summer Chicken Salad Roll

Chargrilled chicken breast (antibiotic-free) mixed with Pret’s Coconut Greens dressing (coconut cream blended with avocado & lime). Topped with radish, pickled red onions and arugula, served o...

Iced Blueberry Green Tea

Whole leaf organic green tea with fresh blueberries and sweetened with blueberry syrup served over ice.

Iced Honey Mango Green Tea

Whole leaf organic green tea with fresh pomegranate seeds and sweetened with honey and mango syrup.

Maine Lobster Roll

This summer favorite is made with Maine lobster (claw & knuckle meat), mayo, a tricolor veggie mix, basil, romaine, and a hint of lemon on a buttery artisan brioche roll.

Mango Coconut Chia Pot

Dairy-free coconut milk yogurt with chia seeds, diced mango and a dash of sesame seeds.

Mediterranean Chicken Flatbread

Chargrilled chicken breast (antibiotic-free) marinated in dukkah seasoning, layered with spinach, fresh mint, pickled cabbage, cucumber and hummus and wrapped in a flatbread.

Melon Medley

Watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe.

Overnight Oats

Oats soaked overnight with shredded apple, almond milk, and chia seeds and acai puree. Topped with coconut yogurt, pomegranate seeds & a seed mix.

Wonderful Watermelon Juice

A seasonal cold-pressed juice made with sun-ripened watermelons and a touch of strawberry puree.