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We have good jobs for good people making great food. Pret is a private company, determined never to forget that our wonderful hardworking people make all the difference. They are our heart and soul. When they care, our business is sound. If they stop caring, our business goes down the drain.  

We pay our people as much as we can afford, rather than as little as we can get away with. We invest in, train and develop our people . Our starting salary is £7.90 an hour in London (after 10 days, including bonus). Many get over £8 an hour and more. The average salary (including bonuses) for General Managers is £36,216 pa and Assistant Managers is £26,790 pa.

Pret is made up of small groups of ten shops led by imaginative (and passionate) Operations Managers.

All our shops have trainers within their core staff. We run many courses at our busy Training Academy in Victoria (most of which have nothing to do with sandwich making), but they seem to work. We invest heavily in our employees' development. We don't sit on our backsides talking about staff 'training and development', we actually get on and do it. This is reflected in the number of Team Members who go on to be Managers (72%) and more. Michael Telila, General Manager joined as a Team Member in 2005; Urszula Gruszewska, General Manager, joined as a Team Member 2006; Said Takhamt, Head of UK Regions Operations (a really big cheese) joined us a Team Member in 1996. These are just a few of the staff members have helped make Pret the great company it is today.

We employ many different nationalities and value the cosmopolitan feel this gives the company.

We wear jeans.

Twice a year, we throw a massive party. Some have passed into Pret legend. Everyone at Pret is invited.

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