Pret's Proper Porridge

Good & Warming

During these cold, dark mornings, having something hot and filling for breakfast is the perfect way to start the day. Hurrah then for Pret's Proper Porridge - rich, creamy and low fat. Nestled on our shops' shelves until 10.30am, it's perfect with a berry compote or dollop of honey (or equally delicious on its own).

Pret's Proper Porridge
Jumbo Oats    Steamed Organic Milk    Water
It's all in the oats. Our porridge is made from British jumbo oats and fresh milk. Simmered, never boiled. Jumbo oats take longer to cook than other
porridge oats but give the porridge more texture. This porridge tastes
creamy and delicious, yet is naturally low in fat.

With Berry Compote
or Honey

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