• Pret Foundation Trust
  • Introduction
  • The Pret Charity Run
  • Simon Hargraves Apprenticeship Scheme
  • Small Grassroots Homeless Charities and Projects

Pret Foundation Trust

Pret Foundation Trust

What is the Pret Foundation Trust?
Julian Metcalfe and Sinclair Beecham (the founders of Pret A Manger) set up The Pret Foundation Trust (PFT) in 1995. Their aim was (and still is) to alleviate poverty in the UK, focusing on the plight of the homeless in particular.

How is it funded?

The Pret Foundation Trust is funded by donations we make from the sale of some of our products, plus donations made by you through the collection boxes in our shops. We also hold a bi-annual auction for staff and suppliers to raise further funds.

As a result of our 2012 ‘Share the Hope’ campaign we took a total contribution of £331k. This means that in 2013 income to the PFT was £1.2 million, the highest in the Trust’s history and £135k higher than in 2012.

Why do we do it?

Because it makes sense and it's the right thing to do.

What does it do?

There are three key areas we're busy with. Some we've been doing for years, others we're just getting started with.

* The Pret Charity Run
* The Simon Hargraves Apprenticeship Scheme
* Small grassroots homeless charities and projects

All of the projects make a direct difference to the lives of those battling homelessness.

How to apply for funding?

In order to receive funding from the PFT you must be...

1...a registered charity.
2...set up to support the homeless in some way.
3...local to a Pret Shop.
4...receiving no more than 20% of income via statutory funding.
5...solving a real problem in a practical way.

We like to volunteer to help homeless charities. Please contact Giovanna if you have anything you would like us to help you with. We're all particularly good at painting and decorating.