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Our featured apprentice - NicholasOur featured apprentice
Meet Nicholas, Nicholas started in our Warwick Way shop in November 2012. Since graduating Nicholas has spent the
mornings working in his shop and the afternoons in Hudson's
Place (our Head Office) supporting the finance team as sales
ledger assistant. Earlier this year he stood up in front of the
whole company and shared his story (he received a five minute standing ovation). We asked him about his experience as an apprentice so far, his hopes for the future and, crucially, which Pret product he would liken himself to. Read on for his answers
to these all-important questions.
The important questions (and their answers)

What appealed to you about working for Pret/being part of the apprenticeship scheme?
It was a company that would give me a starting opportunity that no other place would provide me with.

What is your background/story?
I was kicked out of my house due to family matters and drinking problems. I lived on a beach for many months and then got an opportunity to stay in a homeless shelter where they helped me get back on track.

Which charity put you forward for the apprenticeship scheme?
I was referred to Pret by Shelter from the Storm, a homeless shelter in Islington.

What qualities/skills do you think you need to be a successful apprentice at Pret?
If you have commitment and dedication then you can go anywhere in Pret, even if you don't have any experience of working anywhere. They will soon train you and will help you every step of the way.

What are your passions/hobbies?
Anything to do with Multimedia or sports.

What makes you smile?
Plotting on taking over my Manager's job as a Financial controller.

What makes you sad?
Not achieving upon taking over!

In what ways has being a Pret apprentice changed your life?
In Every way! I am now out of the shelter and renting privately. They helped me drive forward to better things in life.

What advice would you give to new apprentices?
If you see a window of opportunity arise in the company take it, going that one step higher makes all the difference.

Finally if you were a Pret product, which would you be and why?
The smoked salmon sandwich because nothing beats a bit of Scottish.

Congratulations to our latest graduate

Karol is our most recent graduate. He works in our Canary Wharf - the Mall shop and was referred to us by Shelter from the Storm a homeless hostel in North London.

When not working for Pret, Karol can be found working out at the gym. He loves it so much he would like to be a fitness instructor some day...Until then he is content creating good natural food.

Thanks Karol - and well done.

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The Simon Hargraves Apprenticeship Scheme

More about the scheme
Find out exactly how our apprenticeship scheme helps homeless people and ex-young offenders gain skills and find employment.

Our charity partners
We couldn't do it without them. These charities put forward candidates for our placements. So if you're eligible and would like to become a Pret apprentice, get in touch with them.

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