• Pret Sustainability
  • Introduction
  • Resources
  • Waste
  • Sustainable Sourcing
  • Freshly Prepared, Good, Natural Food
  • Positive Contribution to Society
  • Doing More

Sustainability at Pret

Pret Sustainability Strategy

At Pret we don't believe in 'green-washing' - we say what we do and do what we say. This is our Sustainability Strategy to 2015 which sets out the 5 key sustainability strands that we are working on; these areas reflect the current global trends in sustainability around food, energy, and ecosystem security as well as the health and well-being agenda.

* Resources (Carbon {AMP} Water)
      Proven energy efficiencies in energy and water usage.

* Waste
      Minimising waste at all stages of the supply chain, food production and zero waste to landfill from shops.

* Sustainable Sourcing
      Highest practical levels of animal welfare and environmental stewardship at all times.

* Freshly Prepared, Good, Natural Food
      Sticking to our mission statement & being synonymous with providing a balanced nutritious range of food.

* Positive Contribution to Society
      Pioneering charitable activities across all markets through the work of the Pret Foundation Trust.

* Doing more
      What else are we working on?

We are serious about reducing our impact on the environment but realise it's a long, hard slog so we could do with your help to get there.

If you have an idea or suggestion that might help us email John Isherwood, Pret's Head of Sustainability, at john.isherwood@pret.com