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Pret's waste strategy concentrates on the issue of diversion of waste from landfill. We think burying waste underground not only has serious environmental consequences, but needlessly wastes valuable resources.

In order to achieve our aspiration of zero waste to landfill, we are committed to:

*Continually finding ways to improve recycling rates
*Sending all kitchen waste and coffee grinds to be composted or turned into energy
*Donating all unsold shop food to charities
*Turning all currently unrecyclable waste into energy

We currently achieve zero waste to landfill in 100% of our directly controlled London shops and most of our regional shops too. We are working hard on the rest!

Food waste

The Pret Charity Run operates a fleet of vans that deliver over 27,000 food items to numerous shelters for the homeless in London every week. Many charities across the UK collect directly from our shops at the end of each day too. In total, Pret donates around 2.7 million products to UK homeless charities every year, with the added bonus of ensuring our fresh natural food goes to the homeless at the end of the day and not to waste. The vans are LPG and Bio-methane powered. LPG is a natural gas with less emission the others fuels and Bio-methane is released during the decomposition or organic waste, like our kitchen waste.

Tragically, a few of our shops have no regular charities willing to collect our fresh, natural food at the end of each day. If you run a charity in need of good food, call Giovanna Pasini on 020 7932 5425 and let us know - we may be able to help.

Where you can help

Where possible we recycle our main customer waste bin, however if it is heavily contaminated with food or liquid this unfortunately is not possible (not even in the best facilities!)

The majority of our shops have a bin that separates aluminum cans and plastic bottles from the rest of our waste- please help us support the circular economy and do your bit by putting empty bottles and cans in it.

For facts and figures, how the recycling process work and what you can recycle where take a look at the site www.recyclenow.com

A little bit of gardening advice

Used coffee grinds are essentially neutral in PH as the majority of acidity is removed during the brewing process! In fact coffee grounds are a great addition to the garden and compost pile because they are a good source of nitrogen.

Ask your local Pret shop for some - but you will need to take a suitable container and it is best to arrange in advance.


Packaging plays an important role in the modern world, meeting the on-the-go demands of high speed, highly mobile society, but we also need to do our best to minimise our impact on the environment where possible.

We aim to reduce our packaging where possible and aspire to creating a packaging range that:

*Maximises recyclability wherever possible
*Is made from accredited sustainable sources
*Maximises recycled content

Honestly, we are not there yet, but we are working hard behind the scenes to develop the best solutions that make recycling easy for everyone involved in the chain; us, you, the waste collection services and recycling facilities.

The majority of our packaging leaves our shops with you and only has a single use - so please think about where you put your packaging once you have finished with it. You can make a huge difference by using recycling bins, especially in the office but remember the cleaner the better!

If Pret staff get all serviette-ish and hand you huge bunches of napkins or a bag you don't need, please tell us - we won't mind in fact we will thank you!

If you have your own flask for coffee or tea we will happily fill it up. Please make sure it is cleaned out though, nobody likes a dirty mug!

Waste not, want not.