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Julian Metcalfe and Sinclair Beecham (Pret’s founders) set up the Pret Foundation Trust in the UK in 1995. Their aim was (and still is) to alleviate poverty in the UK, focusing on the plight of the homeless in particular.

We’re excited to announce that Pret A Manger USA is launching our very own charity this year! With a like-minded focus to the Pret Foundation Trust, the Pret Foundation will be responsible for managing the distribution of food and donations to help the hungry in the cities in which we operate.

From the Holiday Lunch that collects money each December, to speciality products we’ll launch throughout the year, the Pret Foundation will be the driving force behind getting food and money to those in need.

In the coming months, look out for announcements about products, events and volunteer opportunities surrounding the Pret Foundation. Because 'Doing the Right Thing' is what we do best!

For More information please email info@pretfoundation.org.

If you would like to inquire about a donation from Pret or The Pret Foundation, please email donations@pret.com.

Benefactors to The Pret Foundation

Davis & Gilbert LLP Goodfoods Group Food Authority RKF

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Charities we work with

City Harvest Thrive DC Greater Chicago Food Depository

Made Today Gone Today

In the United Kingdom, United States and Hong Kong, Pret donates over 1.7 million products to charities working with the hungry every year.  In the U.S., all of our shops donate food to local charities working with the hungry. In New York, that's City Harvest, in Washington, DC it’s Thrive DC, and in Chicago it’s The Greater Chicago Food Depository. Last year, we donated over 400,000 pounds of top quality food making us one of City Harvest’s top 10 food donors.

We prefer to work with long-term charity partners to ensure as much food gets to the needy as possible every night. It's better our natural food goes to people who really need it and not into the bin.