Introducing our delicious new Toasties! Sandwiches grilled to perfection in about a minute to create a crispy, gooey, mouthwatering masterpiece. Freshly made with amazing, natural ingredients. Real hot food, really fast.

Our New Toasties

Ham, Cheese & Mustard
The daddy. Our original Toastie and, as usual, we refuse to compromise on the high quality ingredients that go in it. That's probably why so many of us here at Pret have had a bit of a love-in with this luscious, new delight. Crisp and smartly pinstriped on the outside: melting and gooey on the inside.

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Mozzarella & Pesto
Another great recipe from the Pret kitchen. We freshly slice mozzarella and then drizzle over two teaspoons of our own pesto recipe.  Then we add a layer of juicy tomatoes and spinach. Melting and aromatic.

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Tuna & Swiss Melt
A top toastie with a confident, punchy taste.  We scoop chunks of meaty pole and line caught tuna onto granary bread, then grill it along with Jarlsberg swiss cheese and a scattering of capers and onions.

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