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Pret A Manger USA Launches Pret Coffee Subscription with First Month Free for All Subscribers

Customers can enjoy up to 5 drinks a day all month long ​

 ​September 15, 2021—Pret A Manger USA has launched the Pret Coffee Subscription today in New York, NY and Washington D.C. The Pret Coffee Subscription will allow subscribers to pay one monthly fee for access to their favorite organic coffees, teas and Barista-prepared drinks up to 5 times a day. After seeing success in the UK market, Pret A Manger is eager to offer its US customers a program with similar benefits, starting with a free first month for all new subscribers.  ​

 ​The Pret Coffee Subscription offers two Plans: The Premium Plan includes all espresso-based, Barista-made drinks, including lattes and cappuccinos, as well as organic coffees and teas with an additional espresso shot or flavor syrup add-on. The Classic Plan includes all organic coffees and teas with a flavor syrup add-on. Both plans include hot or iced drinks of any size with any dairy milk or non-dairy milk-alternatives. ​

 ​“We are thrilled to be launching the Pret Coffee Subscription here in the US. We recognize our customers need for ease, flexibility and value and this subscription model will be able to provide that,” says Jorrie Bruffett, President, Pret A Manger USA. “We have invested a lot of resources into developing and improving our technology to enhance our customer journey and overall experience. This innovation in technology comes with a new app redesign and more exclusive perks to be launched later this year. As offices in New York City and Washington D.C. continue to open, we look forward to welcoming back residents, commuters and visitors into our shops.” ​

 ​Subscribers can purchase the Pret Coffee Subscription at and will receive a QR code that can be added to their Apple or Google Wallet on their smartphones. The plans will automatically renew every 30 days until it is paused or cancelled. Pret A Manger anticipates launching new features and capabilities in the upcoming months, including the launch of its new mobile app where users will be able to purchase and manage subscriptions and order ahead for pickup. ​

To sign up for the Pret Coffee Subscription and find a list of locations, please visit