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Sustainability at Pret

Sustainability at Pret

"Doing the right thing" is one of Pret's core values, so it's no surprise that we take sustainability very seriously, from our recipes and packaging, to our shops and supply chain. We've come a long way and still have further to go, but rising to the challenge is the right thing to do. We'll continue to share our sustainability journey and, as always, would love to hear your thoughts on how we can do more.

Reducing food waste

Reducing food waste

We donate our unsold food to food rescue organizations at the end of every day. Find out more about the work of The Pret Foundation.

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Sourcing responsibly

Whether you're 100% plant-based, vegan-ish, or meat-free some days, eating less meat is a key way that we can all reduce our carbon footprint. So our Chef's work hard to create lots of delicious recipes that just happen to not contain any meat.

While our veggie and vegan range continues to grow, we know that many Pret favourites do contain meat. As we still want to help you make sustainable food choices, we do everything we can to source our ingredients sustainably across our supply chain and we’re committed to using meat that’s reared to higher welfare standards involving less intensive farm production systems. Creating a sustainable supply chain includes logistics too. Our distributor in Chicago is leading the way in the US with a fleet of vehicles running on natural gas, and our warehouse is powered by both solar panels and a wind turbine.

Pret's Plastic Pledge

Pret's Plastic Pledge

We have made a global commitment to make the following three changes to our plastic packaging use by 2025:

1. Make it 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable Our long-term ambition is to move to an easily recyclable, plastic-free sandwich pack, made entirely from paper and cardboard. Some plastics, like films, are trickier to recycle but we are working to find innovative solutions.

2. Eliminate all unnecessary single-use plastic We have started removing unnecessary single-use plastic globally. Hot drink stoppers, teaspoons, and plastic straws are no longer welcome in Pret shops. Plastic cutlery is on its way out and we’re constantly seeking out new solutions for other pesky plastics, like our coffee cup lids.

3. Help customers to recycle effectively in our shops We’re also working with waste management companies, industry partners, NGOs, and government organisations to support improvements to waste collection and recycling. New recycling bins and signage are being trialled in our shops to make recycling easy peasy for our busy customers.

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Organic Coffee

Pret's coffee is 100% organic, meaning the wildlife and environment where we farm our coffee is protected. Our delicious espresso blend is all thanks to the hardworking families of farmers who look after this land, and in return we set up Pret’s Coffee Fund in 2014 to assure practical support for the next generation of coffee farmers.