Super Veggie

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  • Avocado
  • Red Peppers
  • Spinach
  • Olives
  • Red Pepper & Tomato Tapenade
  • Multigrain Bread

Our multigrain bread filled with avocado, red peppers, spinach, olives, red pepper and tomato tapenade. Please note, our Chicago locations use honey wheat granary bread, containing soy.

  • Contains Wheat
  • Suitable for Vegetarians
  • Suitable for Vegans

We always indicate when a product does contain an allergen as an ingredient, but please be aware we use multiple ingredients in our kitchens and therefore cannot guarantee that our food is completely free of any allergen.


Super Veggie

Nutritional stats, facts and figures

Table of Nutritional Information
Per 241.0 g serving
Fat (g)22
Sat Fat (g)2.5
Carbohydrate (g)53
Sugar (g)7
Protein (g)11
Salt (g)2.4
Sodium (mg)970
Energy values trans fats (g) 0

Since almost all Pret products are freshly prepared each day, our nutritional values and weight per pack are only averages.