Every Cup Tells a Story

Organic growth

We only use organic coffee. Coffee that’s grown in lush rainforests high in the mountains (not coffee that’s grown in sprawling, sunbaked fields). The trees provide the perfect shady environment for coffee bushes to produce their fruit and the canopy provides a habitat that’s rich with thousands of insects and animals. Organic fertilizers. No pesticides. Just good coffee (and some very big trees).

The Pret Standard

It’s incredibly important we get to know the farmers who grow our beans. So that’s what we’re doing. We’re building long-term relationships and sharing knowledge that supports sustainable farming practices. This helps our farmers secure their livelihoods and protect the land they farm...and it provides all of us with deliciously consistent coffee harvests, year after year.

100% Organic

Our coffee is organic, our tea is organic and so is our milk. Organic is not a brand – it’s a way of farming. So our milk comes from cows that enjoy a natural diet (never any synthetic stuff) and spend their days grazing in meadows (not stuck in sheds). This means a better life for them and good, organic milk for us.

Roasted & Rushed (For Freshness)

Just like bread, coffee goes stale. You have to keep it dry, keep it cool (but don’t keep it in the fridge) and you have to keep it airtight. We slow roast our beans for 18 minutes at almost 450oF, seal them in little space-age bags and rush them to every shop as fast as we can – the fresher the better.

Not Too Much, Not Too Little

Intense pressure for espresso and lightly pulsing for drip, it’s essential that filtered water flows through our coffee evenly to extract the full flavor. Like pebbles on a beach (rather than blocks in a wall), the perfect grind has to be a little bit rough around the edges.

Sweet & Zesty Notes

Brilliantly composed coffee is about hitting all the right notes, all the time. Luckily our resident coffee expert, Coffee Chris, is fanatical about consistency. He tweaks and fine-tunes the balance of our blend throughout the year to compensate for natural variances in the beans. Each change is miniscule and undetectable (but that’s the point).

Fresh every time

Our coffee machines are engineering wonders. But it’s our brilliantly trained Baristas and tech teams that are the wizards behind our coffee. Temperature, taste, color, aroma, dribble and drip... it’s their continuous checks, obsession and expertise that consistently deliver the bold flavors and zesty notes in every Pret cup.

Dribble tests are essential

Only when a Pret ‘Coffee Maker’ has mastered the art of dribble tests, milk steaming and stretching; shown a natural flair for the grind, flavor and color; and demonstrated an obsession for polished steam arms and super-clean brewers, do they get their black shirt. It takes three months to graduate as a Pret Barista and just a few moments to make a perfect Pret cup.

Don't hurry the good stuff

Our coffee starts its journey in smallholdings high on mountainsides. Organically grown, carefully pruned and hand picked, it’s slow roasted to bring out its bold flavor. Finally, our brilliant Baristas grind, dribble, brew and stretch to create cup after cup of Pret perfect coffee.

Weights and measures

Flavor extraction is a precise art and bubble size is critical. Airy milk and burnt coffee are simply no good. We use a stopwatch three times every day to ensure the drip is spot on and weigh every third cappuccino just to make sure. A little obsessive, but absolutely necessary.

crema is the perfect canvas

Some coffees are like glossy magazines (nice to look at but with no real substance). Our Baristas are trained in the art of dribble tests, buttonholes and tiger stripes. This ensures our espresso is rich, robust and full of flavor, ready for expertly stretched organic milk. At Pret, latte art is just the icing on the crema.

Brilliant baristas

Milk and sugar. Milk and sugar. Milk and sugar? It’s easy to switch to coffee autopilot. But if you feel like something new, our Baristas can do all sorts of wonderful things. Soy or skinny, naked or with sprinkles, long or short – ask the Barista to make it your way. They approve every cup (and this message).