Our approach to sustainability

At Pret we believe that honesty is the best policy with regard to sustainability. Pret has a strategic approach to reduce its impact on the environment, and to have a positive impact on the society it operates in. We’ve achieved a great deal since we started, but know there is always much more to do as issues progress around the world and in the US.

We will be transparent about what we do, what we are trying to improve and where we are finding it hard to progress. Sustainability at Pret does not mean short-term solutions for publicity; we take a common sense approach, concerned about the needs of today without compromising the needs of the future.

At the end of 2014 we reviewed our Sustainability Strategy and our new strategy takes us to 2017 with ambitious aspirations in each of the 5 key strands of our plan. These strands reflect the global trends we feel need to be tackled, as well as being areas that we can influence as a responsible business.

For goodness' sake

Right now, we’re working on 68 sustainability targets globally, including the expansion of the Pret Coffee Fund, working to make better use of our waste, reducing our energy consumption, improving animal welfare and supporting homeless and food distribution charities across our US markets. We’re a partner of Forum for the Future and work with a select group of external agencies to make the right decisions so we can build a sustainable future.


Highest practical levels of animal welfare and environmental stewardship at all times. Always striving to add value to our supply chain.


More chickens are raised for their meat than any other animal so it’s vital we treat them with respect. In the UK all our chicken is farmed to higher welfare standards and we seek to progress farm animal welfare in all the countries we operate in.

Our US chicken is already farmed to standards above the norm, but we know we have to go beyond this. We’re committed to improving conditions for broiler chickens in our US supply chain. This means further addressing the key issues of welfare resulting from fast-growing breeds of chickens. This includes environmental enrichment including light and litter improvement in the facilities that house chickens, more space for the birds to move in (stocking density) in those facilities, and the way in which chickens are processed.

The standards set by the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) offer feasible solutions and by 2024 we’ll ensure 100% of our chicken is produced using GAP standards. We’ll also ensure that by 2024, all chickens in our supply system will be processed in the most humane manner available (currently this would be a controlled-atmosphere system). We believe in transparency – so we will demonstrate compliance with the GAP standards via third party auditing.

Positive Contribution to Society

The Pret Foundation supports sustainable solutions to alleviate hunger and homelessness in the US.

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Pret's Sustainability Strategy

Our Sustainability Strategy is made of 5 key strands that reflect the global trends we feel need to be tackled, as well as areas that we can influence as a responsible business.

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