Pret's sustainability strategy

Health & Nutrition

Remaining committed to our ethos and being synonymous with providing a balanced, nutritious range of delicious food.

Sustainable Farming

Highest practical levels of animal welfare and environmental stewardship at all times. Always striving to add value to our
supply chain.


Committed to reducing our embedded carbon. Making waste useful and using less resource in the things that we consume.


Pioneering charitable activities across all markets through the work of the Pret Foundation Trust, looking after our own people, providing opportunities and having a positive impact.


Making sure everyone from our CEO to shop teams understands and actively promotes our commitment to sustainability.

Doing More

There are many challenging sustainability questions with no simple answers. We listen to the arguments, weigh up the evidence and tackle each issue in turn. We are serious about reducing our impact on the environment but realise it's a long, hard slog. So we could do with your help to get there.

If you have an idea, question or suggestion that might help us please get in touch here.