Veggie Pret is growing

Blog by Clive Schlee
28th March 2017

We opened our Veggie Pret pop up as an experiment last year, never imagining it would be around for more than a month. We ended up making it permanent and I can now tell you that our second Veggie Pret will open at Great Eastern Street in Shoreditch on 4th April. A lot of Pret staff wanted their shops to go Veggie, but Great Eastern St got the call up based on the high levels of vegetarian sales in the area.

New menu

You’ve been asking for more vegetarian and vegan options and our chefs have been experimenting with new ingredients and flavours to meet the challenge. We’ll open Great Eastern Street with 20 new recipes on the menu, including a vegan Macaroni Cheese – which has taken our team the best part of a year to perfect – and a vegan chocolate brownie.

As ever, I encourage you to let us know what you like and what we’re getting wrong. We read every tweet and review and they help us decide which recipes you’d like to see in all our shops, and where we need to try harder.

Recipe development

A sneak peek at one of the new recipe developments in our Creative Kitchen…


I recently visited our team in Hong Kong who launched their “Not Just For Veggies” campaign to a very enthusiastic response from customers and media. We were also pleasantly surprised by the level of interest from the Buddhist community.

It can be no coincidence that the launch of the campaign has helped our Hong Kong business to enjoy three consecutive weeks of record sales. It seems the movement for eating less meat continues to grow. The next stop for Pret will be the US, where we’ll be launching a new veggie range in all our US shops at the end of April.

Going global

Not Just For Veggies tram in Hong Kong

All aboard the Not Just For Veggies tram in Hong Kong

Our teams look forward to seeing you in our Soho and Shoreditch Veggie Prets and to reading your candid reviews of the new menu.

Veggie Pret opens its doors at noon on 4th April.

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